Making a Difference in the Lives of Those in Our Community

Creating positive outlets and affordable resources to underprivileged families Akron Ohio area.



Our mission is to empower underprivileged communities through mentoring, community based and trauma informed programming. Create events geared toward education, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and mental health.



Our plan is to create programming that will build confidence, social, and economical skills. Our focus is financial empowerment, mental health and entrepreneurship. We provide mentoring to children with behavioral, financial, economic and social disadvantages. Create affordable programs, events, and camps for parents who may not be able to otherwise afford the necessary assistance in the community due to whatever reason. We are hoping to work together with the local agencies on creating a central location where the youth can come interact with one another and have a safe family atmosphere to learn skills and trades that will mold them into successful young men and women and hopefully increase the employment and graduation rate while decreasing the incarceration, crime, and death rate of the young black male and female.



Our program is open to all school aged children.

A non profit 501 (c)(3) organization that provides positive outlets and affordable resources to underprivileged families in the Summit County area.

After school programming (K-8)
Summer programming
Job placement for teens (15-18yrs old)
Mentoring for school aged, at risk/incarcerated youth
Felon friendly job placement
Community outreach
Community Events
Mental Health referrals
Resources for single parents
Resources for pregnant women
Workforce Development 

Tim Anderson Jr.


Jameel Henderson


Mercedes Benford

Program Director

Rachia Garrett

Community Outreach Coordinator

A Better U

Partnering Agency

Community Action -Akron Summit

Partnering Agency

The City of Akron

Partnering Agency


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  • 1225 Lawton Street, Akron, OH, USA
  • Lawton Street Community Center